What does it feel like to work together? Well, we always begin by asking “what does success look like?” We look for patterns that hold people and teams back, and then partner to assess the right plan. Whether you engage in a one-day Emotional Impact workshop, or a year-long Leadership Development program, we are going to put emotions to work to get to the heart of the matter and get everyone moving forward. This kind of change always happens in steps – small steps leading to more self, stronger working relationships and meaningful change.

Meet your guides on the journey…

Coach & Facilitator

RAHELHeadshotAn authentic and wise facilitator, consultant and coach, Rahel thrives on helping individuals, teams and organizations reach their passion and potential in the global marketplace. She uses her own global leadership experiences to create an environment of growth and excellence where business and people transform. Clients comment on Rahel’s supportive yet challenging nature. She asks compelling questions, seeing from top level down to systemic details. She has a unique blend of empathy and no-nonsense pragmatism.

Rahel has been a thriving and award-winning leader during her 30-year professional career. She has served in myriad positions from Project Manager and Consultant to Vice President and Chief of Staff that give her on the ground and big picture perspectives. Rahel believes in great achievement (earned Microsoft’s Gold Star award twice) in partnership with great vision. She has used her innate curiosity about the intersection of people and data to show others how to unite systems and measures with the passion and potential of the human spirit. Rahel has brought this expertise to organizations in hi-tech, software, electronics, insurance, and higher education.

A diversity of experience has been a key component of Rahel’s background and education. She has lived and worked in a variety of countries giving her cross-cultural perspective. In addition to English she speaks French, Tigrinya, and Amharic, and has had the privilege of working with corporate leaders in China, India, Japan, and Singapore. Rahel believes in advocating and being involved beyond the work- place. She has provided service and support to a number of non-profits including the Japanese American Community League, National Council for Community and Justice, and Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

Rahel holds a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Systems leadership and organization development from the Saybrook University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Economics from Warren Wilson College. She currently lives in Seattle, WA with her husband. She enjoys staying connected to her son who has ventured off and is currently working in Washington, D.C.

Coach & Facilitator

JANHeadshotJan Gelman is a coach, facilitator and leadership development professional known for her ability to combine curiosity and directness to help leaders get to the heart of their challenges quickly. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a senior leader in business, media and technology with companies such as Capital Cities/ABC, Sierra On-Line and GiftCertificates.com, she has unique insight into the complex demands that her clients face.

Jan works with leaders, teams and organizations around the world and is deeply interested in how cultural differences and rank impact relationships and performance. She is passionate about seeing her clients succeed and focuses on helping them make healthy choices, move past self-imposed limitations, and take initiative to drive business results.

Jan has been an internal leadership consultant at Washington State Labor & Industries and an external consultant with organizations such as Microsoft, Expedia, Bug Music/Windswept, Point B, Peer 1, Whitepages.com, CarDomain, ShareBuilder, SumTotal Systems, King County Metro Transit, and FareStart. Her work includes coaching senior managers and high potentials, developing high performing teams, facilitating leadership development programs, and helping leaders improve their health to reach greater success.

Jan has also written numerous business and lifestyle articles for New York magazine, Selling magazine, MSN and MSNBC; and published books for young adults with Alfred A. Knopf and Simon & Schuster.

Jan holds a Master of Arts degree in applied behavioral science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle and a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is certified in Emotional Intelligence assessments and works with the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).

Coach & Faciltator

RANDYHeadshotRandy Pomeroy is a leadership, team and organizational effectiveness consultant who has advanced high performance teams and leaders for more than 20 years.  Throughout his career, Randy has challenged and supported thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups to build effective team and leadership behaviors in corporate, not for profit, government, academic and expedition settings.

For over a decade Randy guided international and wilderness expeditions to many remote regions while challenging and supporting clients to explore their relationships with nature, culture and the self.  Randy worked with Outward Bound and other reputable experiential education organizations in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  With exposure to more than 30 countries and dozens of wilderness areas worldwide for academic, professional and personal reasons, Randy developed a crisp understanding that self and social awareness, clear intentions and solid relationship management skills are paramount in all natural, cultural and business environments.  These skills are transferable and buildable, and are best developed and enhanced through applying learning’s from real life situations.

Randy is passionate about supporting teams and leaders’ to achieve personal and professional aspirations.  With a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle at Bastyr University and a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Randy brings unique and practical perspectives to the challenges leaders and teams face every day.  Randy combines his skills in executive coaching, meeting facilitation, experiential training, and strategic offsite event planning to advance organizational effectiveness and goal realization.

Coach & Facilitator

SHELLEYHeadshotShelley is an expert on Strategy and Human Performance in organizations. Using unique tools and a hands-on facilitation approach, Shelley’s clients create business and operational strategies that naturally energize the organization. Team members learn to communicate in ways that bring out the best in everyone. Companies grow through profound insights and unprecedented action. Customers increase loyalty and become evangelists for their brand. And leaders show up—everywhere!

And, they all do it with ease!

A leader of leaders, Shelley’s approach works because it comes from the inside out and is unique to each organization. To get there, she asks different kinds of questions, questions that have every participant, from owner to customer, look at themselves and the company with fresh eyes. Her disarming, professional—and fun!—style allows for an organic process to emerge, from which the results are immediate and durable.

Sought after as a dynamic consultant and an engaging facilitator, Shelley leads hands-on workshops at conferences around the world. Shelley has an MBA with a specialty in leadership, a BSc. in Human Performance and is a Certified Executive Coach.

Coach & Facilitator

MITCHHeadshotMitch has worked in the leadership development field for 20 years. Back in the day she led outdoor expeditions for executive teams and managers; helping people push beyond their perceived limitations and unite to achieve big goals. Now Mitch works with business leaders using her unique insight to catalyze motivated leaders toward new and unchartered levels of success.

Mitch’s style focuses on building awareness and taking action. As a coach, consultant and facilitator, Mitch is known for helping leaders make pronounced changes that lead to professional satisfaction and achievement. She listens well, asks provocative questions, and shares insights & tools that help her clients uncover new ways of thinking and/or behaving. Clients appreciate her energy, humor and realism.

Mitch appreciates the intensity her clients face and enjoys being a thinking partner to her clients as they navigate the many complex layers of business. She understands the importance of strong alliances and helps her clients build and sustain the relationships that are critical to their success.

Mitch has worked with teams and leaders in many different industries including high-tech (Microsoft, Yahoo!, Intuit, and Amazon), airline, insurance, educational institutions, security, retail, banks, dentistry and resort hotels. She works with a wide spectrum of disciplines including sales, marketing, engineering, finance, HR, operations, services, and IT.

Mitch holds a bachelors degree in Business Economics and Accounting from UC Santa Barbara, and a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University. She is also certified in a number of assessments that help her clients build awareness and skills in Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Feedback, Change Management, Values, Working Styles and Personality.

In her ‘off’ time you will find her enjoying her family and the outdoors—hiking, cooking, reading and seeking new places to travel. She lives in Seattle with her husband and two children.

Coach & Facilitator

LARYSAHeadshotLarysa has over 20 years of consulting and coaching and her experience is both deep and broad. She currently focuses helping individuals, teams and organizations evaluate and shift their dynamics towards health and high function, so that they can reach their goals. She works with enthusiasm, diligence and integrity to support them as they move to become their best selves.

Larysa has worked as a leader, manager, trainer, project manager, coach, and consultant with clients ranging from aerospace, high tech, health care, higher education, utilities, government, research science and non profits. She has led teams and developed leaders as part of her responsibilities as well as developed and implemented business strategies for a variety of management and engineering applications. She had worked cross functionally in order to bring significant improvements to various business groups. She also coached and developed others to do the same. She has worked with leaders at all levels of organizations, leadership teams, management teams, sales teams, marketing groups, research departments, technical teams, as well as construction managers, architects, general contractors and mechanical contractors.

Larysa considers it her privilege to work with clients as they push through the edges and challenges of their leadership and help them and their organizations learn, grow and move towards excellence. She received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and her Masters in Applied Behavioral Science, Consulting and Coaching from Bastyr University, Leadership Institute of Seattle, where she is currently the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.

Coach and Facilitator

SUZANNEHeadshotSuzanne Stafford (Zan) brings over 25 years of business background to the table having experienced the spectrum from sales executive to president. For the last 15 years she has worked as an executive coach, consultant and leadership development professional inspiring her clients with her intuitive and candid feedback. Zan’s style is perceptive, sharp and relevant as is evidenced by her success as a facilitator in six continents around the globe.

Zan consistently works to create a partnership with her clients, assisting them to more effectively tackle both business and relationship challenges. Zan is a strategist. She brainstorms with clients to plan out the most realistic and sustainable methods for success.

But, perhaps most notably Zan is dauntless. She is known for asking tough questions and zeroing in on the unspoken issues that often hold back even the strongest of leaders. Zan’s clients point out her responsive and insightful energy surrounding their specific goals and her uncompromised commitment to their success.

Her clients include Amazon, Microsoft, The Polyclinic, Molson Breweries, Employment Security Department, GiftCertificates.com, Washington State Smile Partners, Varolii Corporation, FareStart, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, McKinstry, Kaplan and Bug/Windswept Music.

Suzanne received her undergraduate degree in Business from CU Boulder and a master’s degree in Coaching and Consulting in Organizations from the Leadership Institute of Seattle, Bastyr University as well as a master’s degree in Facilitating Conflict and Organizational Change from the Process Work Institute.

Coach & Facilitator

MATTHeadshotMatt Walker is a professional facilitator, coach, speaker, and author known for his approachable, engaging, and inspiring leadership style. He has focused the last 20 years on connecting the experiences of adventure with professional development. Matt is more than a world-class mountain climber and motivator; his real world experience, awareness of systems (organizational, relationship and team), and deep understanding of the human experience make him an valuable partner to any organization seeking to extend their leadership and team growth.

His work evoking adventure and high endeavor has supported success at Marriott, Medtronic, Nike, Microsoft, YPO, Active.com, Carmichael Training Systems, Apollo Data Technologies, and hundreds of individual clients. Where there is a desire for excellence, accountability, inspiration and creativity, Matt offers intriguing and adaptable solutions.

Matt’s most recent book ‘Adventure in Everything’ was released by Hay House in September 2011 – his book focuses on the Five Elements of Adventure and how they support personal and professional development.

Matt graduated from the University of Puget Sound and received a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University in Seattle. His approach to working with clients is especially informed by systems theory and integral coaching. He is as comfortable climbing ice and snow at 24,000 feet in Nepal as he is working with leaders, teams and organizations.

Operations / Administration

SARAHHeadshotSarah is a passionate, resourceful, empathetic, and inspiring leader with 20+ years of experience as a trainer, coach, change management professional, outdoor experiential facilitator, and project & safety manager. She enjoys assisting others in creating sustainable long-term systemic change through a collaborative process. Her best assets are making order out of chaos while being incredibly resourceful. She insightfully and intuitively lays the foundation; structure and safety net for whomever she is working with so they can be share their gifts.

Sarah started her career in the maritime industry in 1989 as a Cadet at Texas A&M University at Galveston. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Sciences and an Unlimited Tonnage Third Mates License from the US Coast Guard, she enjoyed working in various parts of the Maritime Community. Her sailing endeavors included work on supply boats, tugs, landing crafts, high-speed catamarans, seismic and scientific research vessels from the South Pacific Ocean to the Bering Sea. One of her shoreside adventures included providing scientific support for the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii with NOAA HAZMAT during Oil or Hazardous Material Spill Incidents to the USCG or US EPA. Her introduction to commercial shoreside operations began with Foss Maritime Company in the Health & Safety Department and ended as a Training Manager for Crowley Maritime Corporation.

She earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute of Seattle. Sarah also has Coaching Certification in Whole Systems IQ™ and holds a Professional Human Resources (PHR) Certification. She is active in ASTD, SHRM and PHRMA professional organizations. Sarah is currently the one women training and organizational development department for the Multnomah Athletic Club… and provides project management & operational support to Connect Growth & Development.

Although a native Texan, she adores the Pacific Northwest and lives in Portland, OR with her partner. She loves to sing, read, build stuff, hike, cook and learn.