Coaching from Connect Growth and Development leads you through a process to redefining what success really means to you. We don’t mean the definition of success we get from society, our families, our spouses or partners or our friends – but what success actually means to YOU!


Stacey and the Connect team of coaches work with executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, individuals and groups. No matter how you identify yourself in the world of business, we coach people who want the kind of work that feels integrated and authentic with their WHOLE life, not just their business life.

So we use a whole-person intelligence approach – partnering the logical with the creative, the rational with the emotional, our brain and our body.  We work with you to build practical, sustainable behaviors resulting in personal and business success. This kind of change always happens in steps, small steps leading to more self, stronger working relationships and meaningful change.

What our clients say:

+ Karen Seyman, Director of Product Planning,
+ Bill Liddell, Director, North America Financing, hi-tech industry