The Connect Growth and Development programs are for new-thinking organizations who get that the well-being and success of their people, leads to the success of their business. That’s why companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia, Moz, The Polyclinic, Bungie and BigDoor partner with us.

Whether we’re leading a workshop, or facilitating a planning meeting, it’s inevitable – once the door is shut we may start out talking business, but then there’s this tilt, and people start talking about what’s underneath. Discussions around a project or plan, turn into meaningful dialogues and stories about what’s scaring or inspiring people. We hold a space for those stories to come out, and instigate conversations that matter.

LEADERSHIP TEAM PROGRAMS cement relationships in respect and trust, creating the spaciousness required for innovation, creativity, passion, (even play) and propel your results forward.  At the end of the day do we want high performing teams? Yes, and more than that – teams that thrive better together than in silos, people who know their most trusted resources are just down the hall, groups that share life and triumphs and doubts.  Connect Growth and Development programs are customized to what your team needs to make the next leap. Our programs combine expert consulting, experiential off-sites, in-depth coaching – and practice, practice, practice at the skills that lead to amazing daily habits.

What our clients say:

+ Anita Geving, COO, The Polyclinic

WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS that are grounded in the philosophy that to create powerful, genuine and resilient global women leaders – we need to look at the whole person. We do this by addressing the interconnectivity of our well-being across six dimensions, aligned with our own definition of success and build skills across the whole. This viewpoint enables women to make better choices every day so they can have the impact they want both professionally and personally.  We create shared experiences across 12-36 women in a year-long customizable program that builds strong culture and community fibers that expand throughout the organization.

ENGAGED EMPLOYEE CULTURES are intended to create the kind of growth that matters to your organization. We foster a culture where conversations get to the heart of the matter, skillfully and in ways that build trust exponentially.  We help the individuals on your teams play well with others who think, feel and act differently. We help your people leverage all their assets to be everyday leaders, from making the jump from manager to leader, to pushing the boundaries from doubt to confidence in innovation and scale. These are all elements of your employee-driven culture that are required for business success.  You tell us, what does success look like – and we’ll be partners in making it happen.