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January 31st, 2015 in Seattle
A one day event for women…..

~To craft the kind of 2015 experiences you hope for.
~To dig deeply into the best and most authentic version of yourself and bring it into those 2015 experiences.

What are the experiences and values you want to create in the coming year that will fill your fuel tank, have a positive impact, and help support your success?

We rarely get time to dive deeply into our values, strengths, intentions and hopes – this is your chance to make an investment in YOU, to really reflect and consider what works. Then putting those things into action to craft and create the year you want.

Join me and other women who want to make 2015 something that matters.

Learn more in our blog posts and click here to register https://whatreallymatters2015.eventbrite.com

The actual experience of working with Stacey and Connect Growth and Development is like a shift in the room you can feel. Over time, it can be as powerful as a shift in your company culture.

Some of our most requested topics are:

  • Inner Critic Inner Success
  • Whole-Person Intelligence in Everyday Leadership
  • Leveraging Your Authentic Leadership
  • Creating Your Own Board of Directors
  • The Emotional Side of Collaboration
  • Connecting Health and Success

What our clients say:

+ Elisabeth Rennell, Sr. Mechanical Engineer I & President of Raytheon Women's Network
+ Lynne Walker, Founder, The Last Detail and Partner at JeffreyM Consulting
+ Fiona Remley, VP, Director of PMO, Seattle Wunderman Network