Inner Critic Inner Success straddles the worlds of business and self-help in a way that’s bursting with smarts yet full of soul. It’s about finding the sweet spot in life where you can hold both success and doubt in a way that feels meaningful, actionable and spacious — versus stressful, stuck and painful. The book was born out of Stacey’s own story and the stories of many of her coaching clients who struggle and continually work to tame their inner critics.

Some of us wrestle with the Comparer, others of us struggle with feeling like a Fraud, while others face off against the Perfectionist. Stacey has found that many successful people bump up against these worthy adversaries, no matter how they are defined.  This book does not promise to rid you of your inner critics and doubts. Rather, shockingly, it asks you to dive right into the center of them in order to find valuable insights you can USE.  In the end, your critics hold far less energy and YOU are in the driver’s seat, as you pursue What Really Matters. Inner Critic Inner Success challenges you to define success in a radical new way — on YOUR terms (versus what society, culture and business dictates) and from the perspective of how you FEEL about success (not just how you THINK).

It’s also a business book that bucks the trend by making emotions part of the conversation. Yes, emotions. The other part of your big, beautiful intelligent brain — equally as powerful and potent yet often overlooked and under-utilized, pushed off to the side and labeled “invalid.”

In this book, Stacey walks you through her coaching process offering insights, activities and real world application of it all.  She helps you build your emotional intelligence and capacity, tame and use those inner critics for the powers of good, and sets you in the direction of determining your own success, with meaning and confidence.  As your coach, she is 100% in your corner and rooting for you!


The Author

Stacey Sargent is the CEO of Connect Growth and Development.  She is a leadership and team development facilitator, coach and speaker working internationally with clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, Raytheon, Bungie, Moz and BigDoor.  She is an advocate of bringing humanity back into the workplace using Whole-Person Intelligence.  Stacey paired her degree in Business with a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science to create the “work love of her life”.  Stacey lives in Seattle.