If you need a one or two-day facilitated program to strengthen your leadership, team and culture – our workshops are designed to build trust and connection. Instigating conversations that matter, being okay with emotions like fear or doubt, and holding a space for stories to come out, is how meaningful working relationships are built, and it’s how people become fully engaged in the work they do.  Just a few days can go a long way toward reducing the impact of stress and anxiety within a business. Frankly, it’s a new way to think about wellness programs in the work place.

You’re already so busy creating success – you may not have the time and resources for creating your own workshops to inspire leadership leaps.  Let us be the go-to partner to help you.  We run single or multi-day customized workshops and off-sites that fit like a glove. Here are some of the sessions we’ve created with other clients to help teams, leaders, and individual contributors bring humanity to the workplace and show their teams how to ignite innovation and creativity:

  • Whole-Person Intelligence in Everyday Leadership
  • Communication Skills that Get to the Heart of the Matter
  • Leveraging Your Authentic Leadership
  • The Emotional Side of Collaboration
  • Inner Critic Inner Success
  • Everyday Feedback that Shines (not stings)
  • Connecting Health and Success
  • Learning Across Style
  • Connected Teams =  Identity, Trust, and Accountability

What our clients say:

+ Bill Liddell, Managing Director, North America Financing
+ Tracy Burns, CEO, NEHRA