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We have had the privilege to partner with these clients and more:

Ilya Bukshteyn VP Teams Calling & Devices Microsoft.jpg

“I had been promoted, I was asked to add a second business, and I needed to scale. But I felt like our leadership team was ineffective. We were individuals driving our own silo areas, and there was a lack of trust. The interactions we were having were in some cases toxic. I needed help. It all changed by working on being a “First Team”. We got to know each other as whole people by sharing our backgrounds, motivations, and core values.  Now we understand each other, have greater trust, help each other, and are on each other’s team first. We have useful tools that promote rich conversations without my constant intervention allowing me to scale. Most training programs were generic, and we didn't end up with tools we could use. Connect’s program was highly tailored for us, and it was very tangibly impactful. I'm ROI driven and it's a high “R” on this investment.”


VP, Teams Calling & Devices, Microsoft

thumbnail (3).jpg

Connect has been a game changer for me. I was hesitant at first, not knowing what the “inner work” philosophy was, but my hesitation was quickly replaced with inspiration. Stacey helped me dig deep within myself to look at my thinking and how it was limiting me. I was challenged in an entirely new manner and the skills that I have gained from my experience have helped me in my work relationships as well as my personal life. I have a new outlook towards business scenarios, an increase in positivity, and best of all I have a calmer demeanor. I am certain I would not have learned this from reading a book or taking an online course, it’s very individualized, teaches you to practice, with the help of a partner along the way.

“Inner work” works, and I am thankful every day for this partnership.


SVP Global Implementations & Operations Transformation, Ensono


We chose Connect because they have a holistic approach to leadership development. We’ve run the Leadership Learning Circles program for five years with over 70 people who come from different backgrounds, different teams, different levels, and yet they find there's so much in common between them and the types of challenges they're facing. They can use the frameworks and tools they learn to address those problems, not just individually, but also to help each other out, to coach each other, to give feedback. With that many people, it's definitely strengthened our community and created a common language among the alumni. We certainly see that our leaders are more resilient with the rigorous aspects of our business.


Regional Program Manager, Culture and D&I Microsoft

Anneka D'Cruz Sr. Director & Chief of Staff Bazaarvoice (fmr Shopify).png

The program was an opportunity to think on a much deeper level. How to advance our leadership team and improve the entire system to meet our goals. It helped us narrow down our leverage points and when we effectively used them, we saw better results.


Sr. Director and Chief of Staff, Bazaarvoice (formerly Shopify)

CLIENT_MSNE Terrell_Cox.jpg

The thing that makes the Connect team awesome is you help keep us honest, asking the tough questions that make each of us think very hard about the right thing to do, what matters most and why we might be reacting in a particular way. But the way you do it is approachable, energizing and fun. So much of the Program is experiential that I’m not just learning a bunch of facts and figures – I feel like I actually grow. It’s hard work, what we do in this Program, but it’s not exhausting, it’s invigorating.


Vice President, Microsoft

thumbnail (3).jpg

I was a member of the Leadership & Learning Circle Program that Stacey co-led at Microsoft in Redmond over a decade ago. This was where I started the “inner work” skills to understand my values and motivations, and how to influence my world to bring those things to my day-to-day activities. A few years later I worked with Stacey for 1:1 coaching to continue that focus. As I more consistently made choices that fed my personal sense of satisfaction and success, I found that career growth and new opportunities soon followed. It gave me the freedom to try new challenges and say no to what wasn’t aligned to what mattered most to me. I use the skills I learned in the program and coaching at least a few times a week to help maintain my personal north star and work through the challenges in front of me.


General Manager, AWS


Ezequiel Glinksky GM Customer Success LATAM Microsoft (cropped) high res.jpg

I originally met Stacey when she facilitated an immersive Leadership and Management program for Microsoft in Argentina. She definitely excelled during the three-day course leading a multicultural, demanding, high-profile team of managers. I was impressed and I still remember that program as one of the most interesting sessions I’ve ever engaged. The delivery was flawless. 


After this experience I chose Stacey as a coach and worked with her for a year. She has been extremely helpful and insightful from our first conversation, packed with wisdom and very rich dialogue. She is open, sensitive and smart like very few people I’ve known. Her experience in businesses with senior leaders is priceless.


General Manager Customer Success for Latin America, Microsoft

thumbnail (8).jpg

I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of being coached by Stacey Sargent for just over a year. When we started the journey, coaching had not been something I’d really participated in and I had some reservations about whether it would be of much value to me. I have never been more pleased to be mistaken! We talked about diverse topics like relationship building, identifying my actual job as a lead, growing my team, and advocating for my team and myself. At the end of every coaching session, I left with new insights and steps to take on the road to leadership self-improvement. I thoroughly enjoyed being on that journey with Stacey and fully endorse her as a fabulous coach.


Senior Lead of Engineering Program Management Shopify

thumbnail (7).jpg

I originally met Stacey as a conference speaker. Of a packed audience of a few hundred, I think that each one of us felt she was talking directly to us. I was hooked. Years later I needed a leadership coach, and I wanted to work with Stacey. Even though I was in London and she was in the US, we met virtually and successfully built great rapport and trust. I have loved working with Stacey. She is a brilliant coach, easy to work with, compassionate, knowledgeable, and funny. I have come out knowing so much more about myself, being confident about who I am and owning it. Stacey has left me with lots of tricks and techniques that I can use to continue my growth.


Principal Associate and Leadership Development Program Director



Stacey has a true gift for facilitation and is especially adept at engaging her audience in a way that is both authentic and inspiring. She's a master at creating a safe space for large groups, small teams and individuals, which allows for meaningful connections and deeper learning.


Nothing Stacey and her team does is "off the shelf." Everything is created with intention and comes from many years of success in working with clients across the globe. More importantly, Stacey has and continues to "do the work" herself, making her a unique business partner, consultant and thought leader.


If you are looking for a purposeful "inside out" approach to engaging your employees, colleagues and clients, Stacey and her team will deliver.



Northeast Human Resources Assoc.

Hyung Lee.png

It’s not like a traditional management course. Becoming more self-aware was so impactful professionally, as well as personally. This program made me aware that, yes, I can get really frustrated, but the impact of an amazing leader is you take that frustration and think through what to do next. It was such an aha moment, how to manage it and turn it into a different point of view – one where I can make strategic decisions, where I can improve how I impact my team.  And the frustration just started to happen less and less, it also started to trickle into my personal life in a very positive way.


Self-awareness is a muscle you have to exercise. So, this program was like a personal trainer.


Sr. Director, Cision

thumbnail (5).jpg

I’ve worked with Stacey as a member of three different leadership teams at two different companies (Amazon and Groupon). Stacey takes the time to truly understand the dynamics - business, team, and individual - to help us keep our individuality while bonding as leaders, driving partnership, direction, and, of course, accelerating delivery.


She and her team have worked with me in areas such as culture, emotional intelligence, direct communications, feedback, and more.  We've partnered on long-term organizational goals through team off-sites, 1-on-1 coaching, and monthly "make it real" sessions. Combined, these help us not only realign on the changes we want to happen, but also help make them stick for good. I consider Stacey to be a partner in my efforts towards positive and successful results - both the business part and the human part.


Software Product & Technology Instructor & Advisor

Linda Apseley Technology Executive (cropped).jpg

Connect’s CEO, Stacey, is very passionate and successful in developing innovative programs for professional and personal growth. She and her team have the innate ability to get to the core of a situation and develop ideas for growth and problem solving. At a systems level, they develop personalized team and strategy programs that further the ability of teams to be successful. Stacey has a tremendous team of experts. Finally, she is just great to work with!


Executive, Technical Industry

Akshaya Murali Co-Founder Chaude Curry_edited.jpg

I was trying to adapt, execute, deliver, achieve and perform. A million things coming my way with varying priorities. It’s instinctive to get a bit reactive. A fundamental aspect of the program is practicing self-awareness. With that, I was able to take a step back and be intentional in my choices or make more creative choices. This led to better long-term benefits. Not only for my team but for myself and for the business.


Co-founder, Chaude Curry

(formerly Shopify)

thumbnail (4).jpg

I've worked with Connect Growth and Development on multiple occasions over the years - including participating in multi-week corporate programs, attending seminars, and workshops, and doing 1:1 coaching. Working with Stacey and team leads to meaningful development as an individual, teammate, and leader. I have recommended their programs many times and know that whether people are looking to gain insight or work on a specific challenge, they will do all that and more. Highly recommended and a great investment for a company or team.


Senior Director and Chief of Staff Microsoft

Jaymi Bauer CMO and Co Chair Vaquera Group.jfif

As a participant in Connect’s nine-month programs for senior women at Microsoft, I witnessed tremendous growth in confidence across a group of accomplished professionals. We learned valuable tools to lead authentically, quiet the inner critic when it chimes in, and show up as my full self in all aspects of my life. These aren’t always easy to stick to, but the powerful connections we developed among us were so supportive in the effort.


CMO and Co-Chair, Vaquera Group

thumbnail (6).jpg

As an executive coach, Stacey Sargent is professional and results oriented. With Stacey's help I was able to bring my direct reports to a higher level of responsibility, creativity, and energy. I have recommended Stacey Sargent to many colleagues who have had the same level of positive change.


Director of Operations

University of Washington


Working with us individually and as a group, Stacey’s coaching and guidance made a decisive impact for our organization. She helped us to understand ourselves and each other’s styles and motivations on a new level, unblock some issues that were holding us back, and approach the work with honesty, compassion, humor and safety. This was truly breakthrough work! Working with Stacey gave us clarity and put us on a path to success.


Principal Product Manager,

Windows Privacy Experiences (formerly MOZ)

Colin Bodell CTO Bazaarvoice (fmr Shopify).jpg

I’ve worked with Connect for over a decade because I’ve seen the results. The leadership programs Connect has led for my teams took us from good to amazing performance centered on trust, open communication and team dynamics. They helped us research our challenge areas and strengths and created a customized program to move the dial on a major culture shift - which delivered huge impact. Stacey and her team are inspiring and highly effective, they are my go-to partner.


CTO, Bazaarvoice

(formerly Shopify)

Stacie Justice CPO NewStore.png

Coaching with Stacey allows me to be more grounded in the work, activate my strengths within the team, and show up in the best way possible. My shift in mindset and behavior has shifted the behavior of my team - it has improved our results. Coaching with someone who is actually invested in the outcome is worth every penny.


Chief People Officer, NewStore

Meredith Graham CPO Ensono.jpg

Connect has been our primary partner for leadership and team development since 2017. Stacey and her team coach leaders at all levels of our diverse, global, and growing organization, including most senior executives. Leaders who receive coaching make demonstrable shifts in their leadership that improve team engagement, motivation, and executive maturity and has led to promotions at several levels including the C-suite.  I appreciate the depth and breadth of the Connect team of coaches – with their various backgrounds, leadership experiences in tech companies, and coaching credentials I can always find a good fit.  Stacey is a valuable thought partner and resource.


Chief People Officer, Ensono


I've had the opportunity attend Connect’s workshops and work with them to bring superb content to a conference my company held. They went above and beyond at every venture. They carefully structured each presentation or workshop to fulfill the needs of the audience - something unique in the world of keynote speakers.


Sales Director, BW Events

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