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partners in your success

We are a firm dedicated to the passionate pursuit of developing leaders and teams, the human beings and groups who endeavor to bring their best selves to create, build and inspire great organizations.


Our team of coaches, designers and facilitators have worked as leaders within business, have a proven track record of success across a vast list of clients as well as extensive education, continuous training, and varied certifications.


CEO of Connect, Stacey Sargent, is an inspiring, energetic, and authentic facilitator, coach, program designer, and speaker. She has a passion for helping people make the connection between their inner selves and their outer results so they can bring their very best to any endeavor, in work and life, to achieve meaningful success. Stacey's style is to offer a supportive yet challenging nature, a sense of humor, an approachable manner, and to ask questions that bring focus to what really matters.

Stacey paired her degree in Business with a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science specializing in Leadership and Organizational Development. She is the author of "Inner Critic, Inner Success," lives in Seattle, reads voraciously and parents an energetic dog named Tulah.

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